"The only trade where you are both master and servant"

CNAPS license number AUT-047-2119-07-16-20200552870

Book VI of the French Internal Security Code, Article L 612-14
« A license does not confer any prerogative of public power to the company or people who benefit from it »
All of our operatives hold the official licenses required to undertake their roles.


Professional liability insurance for close protection / worldwide coverage.
Terrorist risk insurance
PADI professional diving insurance.

Special equipment

Our operatives carry firearms in line with the law in the country in question.

Data protection and confidentiality and cyber security

Ronin Protection Rapprochée pays particular attention to electronic data exchanges.
We have put in place a series of measures (server, computer, removable encrypted media, exchanging encrypted data using SFTP, etc ...) to guarantee a high level of security when you contact us (emails, photos, etc...)